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Stuco Rep Team

The Stuco Rep Team (SRT) is responsible for providing STUCO and the student population with information and updates about opportunities within the school and within the community. SRT are also required to create and maintain a method of communication to make CPA students aware of opportunities available to them in a timely manner and that is updated on a regular basis.

Shawna Cosgrove Grade 12 Rep
Oliver McLatchy Grade 12 Rep
Skyler Boylan Grade 11 Rep
Kenzie Coffin Grade 11 Rep
Zeyad Sallam Grade 11 Rep
Julia Gonzales Grade 11 Rep
Luke Wagner Grade 10 Rep
Dahlia Saberi Grade 10 Rep
Thomas Kleinknech Sports Rep
Lara Issa Sports Rep
Desiree Spears Spirit Rep
Emy Cook Spirit Rep
Ella Parsons Arts & Clubs Rep
Siobhan Adesida Academic (IB) Rep
Nicola Downward Academic Rep