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Welcome to the new STUCO!

Welcome to your new CPA student's council. We have rebranded, in part to portray the hardwork and effort that goes into making every day at CPA a great day and also to have a stronger impact on the students of CPA. We want to show off our wonderful talents and make sure that the students of CPA stay connected with their wonderful student council. If you’re interested in seeing who the wonderful people that make up Stuco are, visit the about page to find their names, position and contact info. Everyone on Stuco are dedicated to enhancing the daily experience of Charles P. Allen, whether it be by fun and interactive events or enriching experiences. We are a collation of students that make decisions for students, please reach out to us at cpastuco@gmail.com or DM us on insta @cpastudentscouncil. We can only make you happy if you tell us what you’d like around the school. We hope that you enjoy the new direction that Stuco is taking!

~ Jamel Hammoud
Media Director / Editor

Posted: Sept. 24th, 2019 | Share